No Limit in Growing and Learning

Ferdinand Rasali

Faculty of Psychology 2014

Spring Semester Exchange StudentAt Providence University, Taiwan

First impression of Taiwan was this will be an adventure, a new lesson, and new experience. Being in foreign country with foreign language and people, I have to learn how to live with people. The university, Providence University, is a big and crowded one. People in Taiwan are nice even to stranger, so I feel safe and comfortable in my study.
Regarding the local culture, I follow the classic sayings; “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” I prefer to observe and ask a lot before doing something, so I would not make an act that is considered offensive or impropriate here. I am also lucky to have local Taiwanese friends who give information and advice about living in Taiwan. As time goes on, I know what to do and what not to do. In professional matters Taiwanese are discipline and rule-conscious, so the work outcome is efficient and effective.
However in social and personal settings Taiwanese can sometimes be too relaxed.As for the topic in new friends and different cultures, I would like to say that it is very exciting! As an exchange student, my friends are local Taiwanese and other exchange students from many different countries, so the culture is very diverse. We learned, compared, and amazed by the differences and similarities of our cultures. In the end, the most important character we need is respect. We need to appreciate and tolerate other’s behavior that may seem strange to us.The class system in Providence University is similar to SCU. However there are no formal rules for clothing and attendance. It is surprising for me though, even without such rule the students and teachers are able to present themselves very well and behave appropriately.
I think it is because people here are very respectful about one’s freedom and maturity to make decisions. The challenge in studying that I met here is communication. My lack of Chinese language ability often becomes a hindrance for looking further information or using the provided facilities.Last words from me; be brave, be prepared, and take every chance because I believe that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. The miracle of being human is that we have no limit in growing and learning. Be a better you!




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