Meeting New Friend, Making New Family

Alan Darmasaputra, S.Psi
(Alumnae) Faculty of Psychology, 2013 Spring Semester ACUCA-SMS’ Scholar At Providence University, Taiwan
currently taking Master Degree at Chang Gung University – Taiwan

I can say that my student exchange experience was amazing. I got a chance to be an exchange student on the Spring Semester, February – June 2013, at Providence University – Taichung, Taiwan. Since it has been being my dream to taste abroad education, I was thrilled and exited to accept my first opportunity to live and study abroad.
The Providence University treated me very well since the first day I arrived Taiwan. They provided a “pick up” service from the Airport to the University. They had a “Buddy system” which providing a local students who will always help to solve all of the problems inside or outside the school. They set all off the international student inside small groups which they call it Family. So, from the beginning of the semester all of the international students already had a friends (international – local) to enjoy Taiwan for the whole semester.
As an international student, I could take any courses offered in the university. I decided to take two master international business classes, two undergraduate classes and Mandarin learning class in the total of 20 credits. They start and end every class on time, and the length of every class depends on how many credit on every course. The international business class is a class specialized for international student, so at that time I had international friends who come from various countries such as Mexico, South Africa, Ghana, Peru, China, S. Korea, US, Germany, Mongolia, Thailand, Check Republic, and India. The international is fully taught in English. In Mandarin class I had classmates from Thailand, Japan, Canada, S. Korea, Colombia and US. The mandarin class is a beginner class which teach student from zero. If you already accepted by the university, it means that you are already passed the minimum requirement to enroll in every classes, so there is no reason to be felt inferior to compete with other foreigners.
I really enjoyed living in Taiwan. I never had any problem with the food since the Taiwanese food is cleaner than Indonesian food. In Taiwan I enjoyed enormous different street foods which I can found it near the university. Taiwan also a very save country that you can walk on the street at midnight without any worry, and you can leave your luggage and not be stolen. Taiwanese are very open to the foreigner and they are very kind to each other, but sometimes I have to ask for help I want to be helped.
Meeting and living with people from another world with different value and culture enriched and opened my knowledge. Being able to compete and support each other in the international class improved my confidence to face the world.
If you have a chance to study abroad, I think you should take it. Hope you will get a wonderful, unforgettable, life changing experience in every path you choose in your life. Wish the best for you.




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