Journey to the New World!

Stefanie Karsodihardjo

Faculty of Agricultural Technology 2014

Spring Semester Exchange StudentAt Ewha Womans University, Korea

The first time when I arrived in Seoul, South Korea, I was so grateful and unbelievable that I would start new journey as exchange student here. Followed the delighted expression at the same time when I exactly stood in front of Ewha Womans University. It seemed like a day dreaming but it was reality!. After I entered in the dormitory, I could forget for a while the obstacles and sacrifies whereupon had difficult time for through it before. Anyway, the journey to the new world has already begun!.This journey insists me to be a good learner and true adventurer.
If we stay abroad indeed we have to adapt their habit such as language, art and culture, lifestyle, food, etc. We also should have open minded in adjusting to their circumstance so that we could survive wherever we are, for instance Korean people have their language (Hangeul language) which distinct with Indonesian language. Sometimes it sounds like so strange for foreigners but Korean people would have liked it if we could speak Korean well. Since I have accustomed to watch Korean drama, variety show and Korean songs, that’s why learning Korean language makes me easier moreover I can quickly improve my skill by practicing in daily life. Other case, I often notice a unique their habit as for they regularly brush their teeth 3 to 4 times for one day. Because of that, I have new habit to do the same thing and bring my toothbrush everywhere.
Furthermore Korean people are very disciplined and strict towards the time even I always see them running and walking so fast. If they skip for one second then would miss the opportunity. Eventually, I could discover the profound social changes here.There are parts that will complement our life is making friends from other countries. I learned new things by sharing our experiences, also got new knowledge about their culture by means of playing and joining the activities and competition together. Unconsciously, those part would evolve our creativity and novelty ideas as well. Through them will unify us and become closed friends. On other side, the course of lectures are approximately similar with Soegijapranata Catholic University. However they have challenges as if doing the group discussions.
We had to make interview using Korean language then combined our opinions into one project. The biggest challenge that I am still Korean level one, hence I frequently open Korean dictionary. The incident made me keep trying to improve my Korean skill. Therefore, experience can be a good teacher if we have courage to pass it.I really suggest for everyone to go abroad as exchange student once. I think it will very useful in the future and expand the networking because experience can’t be repeated twice, so take your chance and never give up to reach your dreams come true!




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