Experiencing New World Through Student Exchange

Tizza Dewna Waasi

Faculty of Economic dan Business 2013

Fall Semester ACUCA-SMS’ Scholar At Handong Global University, Korea

In my 20 years of my life I never live separated with my mom. Also, I want to try school abroad and have friends from another country. That’s my reason for being exchange student. Then I choose Handong Global University because my friend who has been there before recommend me to go HGU. So its just like a dream when Handong sent me reply that I accepted in HGU. I was really happy when I first time arrived in Korea.
The first time I came to HGU, there is orientation for new international student and I have to registered for orientation, but when I came the committee for orientation already welcomed us with a smile brightly. But, I have culture shock when I know that the bathroom is for 6 people to share. But I used that bathroom just for a while (only during the orientation). I have been I HGU for 4 months. In HGU , I took 4 majors. My major is accounting, but I already done all of my subjects in my university in Indonesia.
Then, I took International Business class, because I like business and I want to open my own business in the future so I take that course. In International Business class, the professor was really nice people and also nice teaching. The way when he is teaching us is really different like in my university. He knows how to teach student and make the class is really fun. The other hand, I took English and Korea to improve my language ability. I also joined multicultural exchange program called ‘Togaether’. So one Korean student will accompanied with one international student, that’s how the international student can learn Korea language and culture better.
This program was really nice, we went to Gyeongju for trip together and there are missions for each group, so we have fun together.If you want to be an exchange student just take it the oppotunity. You will have a good experience during your study, and also you will have so many international friends.




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